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Client Testimonies
Why not take a look at some of the testimonies of my previous customers.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Grant now for 3 years and he is by far one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I have every confidence in leaving my 3 children aged 13, 11 and 5 with Grant, and from the very first time we used his services, all 3 of our children were begging us to go out again so that they could have him babysit them. Grant instilled confidence in me with his knowledge of 1st aid and his unique ability to communicate with each of the children at their own level. I would gladly recommend Grant to anyone with children of all ages.Sharon

Grant looks after my son of 8 and half who is physically disabled, and I find him very natural with children, very good at distraction techniques and he keeps them occupied with lots of different activities indoor and outdoor. He's punctual, trustworthy and reliable.

Grant has been looking after our two children (one of whom has a diagnosis of severe classic autism) for a few months now and provides an exceptional service. Grant is reliable and genuine, great with the children and has an extremely caring nature. Both our girls enjoy and look forward to Grant babysitting and this is very comforting, especially as we have always been unable to leave the children with anyone else (even family) due to the complex needs of our youngest daughter. Grant has also been helpful in offering advice about funding that was available for us to help pay for childcare which has enabled us to access services we didn't even know existed. Definitely a 10/10 service and I would highly recommend Grant to anyone requiring childcare.
Marie and Anna

My daughter really looks forward to seeing Grant . I have found him be reliable,fun loving,hard working and patient. My daughter has a learning disability and autism and Grant's experience with special needs has been invaluable.Having someone you can trust and who understands and can relate to your your child is priceless.

I first met Grant when he was working as a nursery assistant at my children's nursery. He has looked after my children since, which has been a great help as my family has grown (5 children). He is confident and calm with all the children and is great at dealing with challenging behaviour. All my children love Grant and I often use his coming round as a bribe for good behaviour. He is always good at making sure the children are safe and is quick and efficiant when dealing with accidents. I would thouroughly reccomend him to any family as he is always fun and positive and has a multitude of tips and tricks to deal with any situation

Thanks again for your hard work on Saturday - we couldn't have wished for a better child-minder. You were organized, pleasant, patient, fun for the kids and managed to entertain (and therefore distract!) all of them throughout. Quite simply an excellent job! We had wanted to get through the seated parts of the celebration without distractions and for the kids to have a great time - and that is exactly what we got. We can't thank you enough.
The venue have asked for your details which I have passed on and I am sure they will be recommending you to others holding weddings and parties there.
We wish you well for all your ventures and your studies and we're positive you will be an asset wherever you go.
Many thanks.
Best wishes,
 Kate & Alex

Grant - what a Godsend. My son had the most amazing summer holiday and I was able to have peace of mind he had the best care.

I provided a talk to the Advisory Teaching Service on 1:1 behaviour interventions with some extrinsic links also to the autistic spectrum. Below is a summary of feedback from those who attended.
Have Grant come as a personal life coach every year! Very inspiring'
'Good to have a visiting speaker sharing personal experience and insight'
'Grant was really interesting'
'Excellent presentation from Grant'
'Grant was absolutely brilliant'